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Hey, Danielle here! 👋

Let me just tell you how much I LOVE reading and responding to your comments on the blog. Nothing makes me happier than our Fit and Funky family coming together for amazing conversation under one of our posts.

But sometimes, despite our best intentions, emotions start flowing, tempers run hot, and before we know it, what started off as fun and friendly conversation takes a turn for the worse: we get defensive, people feel attacked, and nothing good comes from it. 😔

So, to make sure we keep this community thriving with positivity, I thought it would be good to lay out some ground rules for keeping everyone playing well together in our pink and blue sandbox…

An animation of two girls flipping through the pages of the pink BURN BOOK from the movie Mean Girls
Burn books not welcome.

Rule #1: no mean girls allowed!

For now, this is our one and only rule. Hopefully, we won't need more! And boys, this applies to you too. 😘

General expectations

Our community is about lifting each other up, not tearing people down, so like our parents always said…

If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

It's really that simple: be nice to each other! And any conversation that strays into "mean girl" territory will be shut down.

What doesn't fly around here 👎

Negative, hurtful, or otherwise offensive comments will be deleted, and any bitches causing drama will be banned.

What's good to go👍

Look, it's healthy that we don't all see eye to eye. If we did, the world would be a pretty boring place. 😴

So please, feel free to share differing opinions, objections, ideas, and thoughts. Discussing topics we don't always agree upon is what helps us learn and grow!

Team Fit and Funky will always be a safe place for speaking your mind, so don't hesitate to share from your heart—just be respectful when you do it and make sure it's coming from a place of love. 🥰

What are the consequences for being a meanie?

Although we may not always agree, we owe it to the members of this community to remain open-minded and respectful toward one another. Though our opinions may differ, our right to have them is something we treasure and protect.

If at any point you forget how to treat people with respect and start to throw sand and be an ass, prepare to be shown the door…

An animation of Sleeping Beauty in the forest carrying a basket while waving with the caption "BYE FELICIA"
Bye Felicia!