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My results from 6 Weeks of THE WORK

Headshot of Darren Natoni in a black tank top smiling against a concrete wall
Darren Natoni
July 2, 2020
Darren Natoni standing shirtless facing a stone wall showing his back and displaying his results from 6 Weeks of THE WORK

Working out sucks. It’s hard. It hurts. I'd rather have a needle in my back for 50 hours than endure 50 minutes in the gym (as you can see in the above photo, I mean that literally).

And let's be honest, that's how it should be. Physical training should be exactly that—PHYSICAL—a challenge that requires all-out effort to complete. Anything less is activity. And physical activity is very different from physical training.

But while anyone can design a workout to be hard AF, training is demanding as a result of intelligent programming. A good trainer gets this, and teaches you functional movements that make you stronger. A GREAT trainer peels back layers of weakness inside you to reveal inner strength.

Amoila Cesar is the latter. And if you give my man 6 weeks, he’ll shift your perspective as to what training should be.

Prior to 6 Weeks of THE WORK, I hadn't lifted a weight since 2014 when I pivoted to bodyweight and gymnastic strength training. For the year leading up to THE WORK, I relied solely on a daily routine of push-ups, pull-ups, and single leg squats.

I started this program after losing 15 pounds coming off a seven-day water fast, and I wanted to stack those pounds back on with muscle. After the 3rd day, I realized there was no way I'd be doing my routine on top of this, and I was concerned my max reps would drop. Six weeks later and 15 pounds heavier, I’m happy to report they did not.

But here's the gig:

Throughout this program, my wife would pop in and share clips of my suffering to her stories. Some of you would comment that I “make it look easy.” So let's set the record straight.

Please don't confuse “easy” with determined. Stopping because something is hard is different than continuing because it's easy. Easy shit I'll stop in a heartbeat; hard stuff I'm in it to win it.

Easy is an excuse—hard is a challenge. And if we aren't willing to endure the pain of hard, then we don't deserve easy.

So I hope you won't look at a program like this as too hard, but rather as an opportunity to GET HARDER. Because if someone who hates training as much as me can enjoy six weeks of conquering weakness this much, so can you.

So put down that sippy cup and come get some. Amoila’s recruiting an army of KILLAS. 👊

Originally posted on Instagram • Jun 16, 2020

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Headshot of Darren Natoni standing against a concrete wall wearing a black tank top, revealing a sacred geometry tattoo sleeve on his right arm

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