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Shake what ya’ momma gave ya’

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Danielle Natoni
September 20, 2020

Are you sitting down? Because I am about to blow your freakin’ tastebuds! This is the best Shakeology recipe ever!

Every time I post a pic of my shake on Instagram or sip it in my Stories, I get a bunch of messages asking what’s in it. So, here it is. The big secret.

Warning: This recipe is highly addictive! Fortunately, it’s a healthy obsession—like scrolling through posts of sleep-deprived kittens. I mean, have you ever been THIS tired?!

Please note, I don’t measure the ingredients exactly, so the following recipe will call for you to be brave and find the right amounts that work best for you.

Also, I don’t want you to feel like you have to add any of this stuff I talk about below. Shakeology is already loaded with nutrition on its own, and there are plenty of times when I drink it that way. But this is my personal favorite way to make my shake at home, so I’m sharing the recipe with you.

And with that, let’s break it all down . . .


You can totally shake everything up in a shaker cup (and I do that a lot in a pinch). But when I’m at home with my kitchen at my disposal, I use a Vitamix. Because wow. Plus, let’s be real—shakes are just better when you blend them.

That’s why I also bring I blender with me when traveling. I use a cheap little Oster that has been around the world with me, but at home, nothing beats the power of the Vitamix.

Obviously, substitute for your blender of choice. Or you can convince your spouse that it’s absolutely essential to your relationship. I think my husband would agree—it is!


Step 1 - Frozen Blueberries

First, I add about 1 cup of frozen wild blueberries. For a long time, I’d throw in six-or-so ice cubes, but these days I’m just using the frozen berries. The texture and taste are perfect. 👌🏼

Blueberries are filled with a ton of antioxidants. And they’re especially great for brain power according to people who say they’re great for brain power. But they also have another big benefit, which is why my husband wants me adding them to my shake every day.

When the Darrens get together (my husband and Shakeology formulator, Darin Olien) they majorly geek out. And one of the tips Darin shared with my husband is that consuming one cup of blueberries every day for 30 days increases totipotent stem cells by 7x!

I’m not super positive what that means, but my husband thinks it’s a really big deal—something about immortal stem cells and combatting aging. So in that case, I’m in!

If you’re curious about all the details though, my husband wrote a very Darren post about all the details, so check it out if you’re in the mood to learn something new.

Step 2 - Mountain Valley Spring Water

On top of the blueberries, I pour in about a third of a liter of water—Mountain Valley Spring water, to be exact. You can totally use almond milk, cashew milk, or your favorite healthy milk alternative, but I’ve found that I don't need the extra calories, and water blends just as well.

Step 3 - Banana

In goes half a banana. What do I do with the other half? I eat it, of course! Or use it to torture my husband who HATES bananas with a passion.

Step 4 - Shakeology Boosts

Next up, I add in all three Shakeology Boosts: 1) Power Greens, 2) Focused Energy, and 3) Digestive Health. I put one scoop of each every day—again, on the recommendation of Darin Olien. Look, he formulated the stuff, so if he personally does it, so do we!

Power Greens does exactly that—boosts me with greens that give me powers! Obv. (That’s short for obviously.) Shakeology is already loaded with 72 superfoods, so adding some additional greens just takes it to the next level. And don’t pretend like you get enough greens. 🥬

Focused Energy is pretty much what it sounds like—an energy blend. It has about 100 mg of natural caffeine from guarana and green tea, but it’s the mushroom blend I’m most interested in. I really do feel improved mental focus and clarity, which likely comes from the blend of Cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane—which according to people who know much more about mushrooms than me, promotes memory and nerve support.

Digestive Health is, well, for the health of my digestion! 💩 The extra fiber and goodies help keep me regular and fight off bloating and discomfort that we women totally never have to deal with.

Step 5 - Nut Butter

The next step is the BEST step! I put a spoonful of nut butter in my shake, alternating between different types depending on the taste I want. Sometimes, it’s Sunbutter. Other times, it’s a natural almond butter or Santa Cruz creamy light-roasted peanut butter.

The most important thing is to ensure that there are no hidden ingredients in the nut butter. That may sound nuts 😘, but you’d be surprised. Look at the label and look for nuts. Ground into butter.

I do one spoonful, and of course I lick the spoon when done. That’s the best part—one, because it tastes good, and two because I forget to wash it off and leave the spoon on the counter for my husband to find and scrub after it's dried. Life is fun!

Step 6 - Extra Veg

I like to throw in a handful of spinach, or some frozen cauliflower rice for an extra serving of vegetables. Probably not necessary, but not unnecessary either. I don't even notice it's in there. So just trust me on this one and go for the extra veg.

Step 7 - Shakeology

The last ingredient is, of course, Shakeology! I use one serving of Vegan Chocolate. That’s my favorite. My husband loves Vanilla Vegan Shakeology, and you can check out his recipe if that’s more your speed. He constantly brags about it and offers to make it for any guest who enters our home.

Step 8 - Blend and enjoy!

Blend everything up and pour it into a glass mason jar. Why? Because glass is the safest bet from a toxicity standpoint. And the wide mouth makes it easy to take care of business. Like when you’re staring at the ceiling for five minutes using gravity to slurp up every last bit of shake. Or when you can’t get anymore out, the big opening makes it easy to fit a spoon inside and scrape the remnants until you come to terms with the fact that this delightful experience is now over.

Also, I use and love glass straws. Otherwise, my shake tends to end up on my face!

When do I drink my shake?

My shake tends to be my first meal of the day. I follow what the cool kids are calling “intermittent fasting,” so I typically don’t have my shake until noon or so. And that’s why I make it so hearty!

Ingredient summary

  • 1 serving Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
  • 1/3 L water
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 scoop Power Greens Boost
  • 1 scoop Focused Energy Boost
  • 1 scoop Digestive Health Boost
  • 1 spoonful nut butter
  • 1 handful spinach

Where to get everything

To get your shakes and the Boosts, just let me know you want to shake it off, shake it off!

Animation of Taylor Swift shaking back and forth singing "Shake It Off"

For the frozen blueberries, I recommend the wild or organic packages from Sprout’s, Whole Foods, or Costco.

To make it easy, I created a shopping list on my Amazon Store, so you can browse that as well.

Learn More

For more info, definitely check out Darren’s in-depth shake post, as well as the video below.

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