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Darren Natoni

Tech nerd with a sleeve allergy who gets after it.

Darren Natoni is the right hand man of Team Fit and Funky, an international fitness community dedicated to building strong businesses, bodies, and minds. A committed husband and coach, Darren trains men to conquer weakness and dominate the sport of support.

Darren Natoni is the right hand man of Team Fit and Funky, an international fitness community dedicated to building strong businesses, bodies, and minds. A committed husband and coach, Darren trains men to conquer weakness and dominate the sport of support.

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Darren Natoni standing shirtless against a concrete wall glowing with pink and blue lighting, wearing black shorts with white tights sticking out the bottom, displaying a full sacred geometry tattoo sleeve extending onto his right hand
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Darren Natoni is a writer, speaker, and coach who trains men to conquer weakness and get after it. From former DJ and music producer to federal agent and cyber security specialist, Darren challenges men to overcome complacency through his clear and simple message: do what makes you better.

As the proud right hand of Team Fit and Funky’s leadership, Darren works alongside his wife, Danielle, to build entrepreneurial partnerships and guide couples to healthier, happier lives.

A seven-figure earner committed to setting the example for how strong men support strong women, Darren is on a mission to embolden men to dominate the sport of support. Through his relentless drive and dedication to the pursuit of excellence, Darren serves as a convincing reminder that easy is the enemy, inspiring both men and women alike to take action on their dreams.

An INSANE introduction to Beachbody

Late one night in the fall of 2009, Darren emerged from a studio session to pick up a favorite meal at his local In-N-Out Burger in Las Vegas. After returning home to devour his bag of 4x4s (four patties and four slices of cheese), a challenge on TV caught his eye.

Sitting on his sofa with mustard spread oozing down his hands, Darren watched testimonial after transformation whip across his screen. Naturally, it seemed too good to be true—as most fitness infomercials do—but this one was different; it was as if it reached out from the screen and slapped the burger right out of his hands.

Fitness had never been something to which Darren paid much attention. Sure, he’d dabbled with weightlifting in college, but “exercise” had always been a byproduct of the activities and lifestyle he pursued.

However, Darren was no longer a competitive soccer player. He no longer found himself sprinting down any freshly-mowed fields or shredding any snow-covered slopes. And the high-rise condo building he called home definitely didn’t have a community trampoline for him to try out any new tricks.

As a result, Darren’s life as a traveling club DJ had taken its toll. His time was spent making music in his home studio and flying from city to city playing sets late into the night. The word “diet” had never even crossed his mind. He simply ate with the same ravenous appetite he’d always had, with no concern for the health implications of the food he put in his mouth.

In this moment, Darren came face to face with a hard truth: he wasn’t in shape. But he’d be damned if that would stop him from accepting the challenge before him. After all, how hard could it be?!

In the opinion of this hard-headed, out-of-shape, 26 year-old former athlete, Darren assumed that this program being called “the hardest workout ever put on DVD” was obviously just marketing hype. So he stubbornly stated to himself, “I can do that . . .” and he grabbed his laptop and clicked a big red button that would forever change the course of his life:


A humble awakening

One week later, Darren found himself on the floor of his living room gasping for air. He couldn’t breathe. His chest hurt. His legs burned. Life as he knew it was surely ending.

Or so it felt.

In reality, Darren had merely completed the first few minutes of an introductory DVD called the INSANITY Fit Test. It wasn’t even the first workout; it was just a preliminary assessment of his fitness—or lack thereof.

Immediately, Darren understood why the infomercial had called it the hardest workout ever put on DVD. Of all the workouts he’d never tried, indeed, this was the hardest.

Still, he liked it.

Sure, he hated every second of the grueling agony he’d just suffered, but he liked the premise. He understood that if something was going to deliver legitimate results in just 60 days, it had to be HARD. It shouldn’t be easy. Gimmicks are easy; this sh#t was hard!

Not being one to give up, Darren finished the Fit Test, jotted down his numbers on the included workout calendar, and made a commitment to himself to give this program everything he had.

He hadn’t told anybody that he’d ordered INSANITY. He just wanted to do the program for himself. He believed that if he simply showed up, pressed play, and gave it everything he had, in 60 days he’d be in the best shape of his life.


Sure enough, 60 days later, Darren was a new person. Physically, he’d transformed—he’d lost 19 pounds and was lean with visible muscle he’d never seen before—but mentally, he’d evolved into a better man.

Darren’s entire mindset had shifted over the course of two months. He’d always been a positive person, but completing INSANITY had given him an entirely new perspective on life. He felt unstoppable; but more importantly, he felt aware of his full potential. Immediately, he launched into a second round.

Darren says it was like the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: as his fitness improved, it led to an improved state of mind, which led to new curiosity about nutrition, to healthy changes in his diet, and ultimately to exploring Beachbody’s other offerings.

One of these products included a superfood supplement called Shakeology. The advertisement would pop up at the end of every workout claiming to deliver all the nutrients that Darren’s diet seemed to be lacking. And since Beachbody’s claims with INSANITY had earned his trust, Darren decided it was worth looking into.

Being the type of person who researches things in a manner so detailed it would make most librarians blush, Darren did his due diligence. And it was during his archeological dig into the origins of this miracle shake that he learned that Team Beachbody Coaches received a discount. Not knowing what a Team Beachbody Coach was, Darren went down another rabbit hole learning everything about it.

By the time he surfaced, Darren had come to a shocking realization: Coaches essentially earned a commission for doing exactly what he’d been doing for free—raving to people about INSANITY’s transformative effect on his life, and helping them get started with the program.

Without a second thought, Darren logged in to his Team Beachbody account, dialed the phone number of the Coach to whom he’d been assigned, and asked her the pressing question raised by every internet opportunity:

Is this thing a scam?

Needless to say, it wasn’t. And by the time Darren had hung up the phone, he’d signed up to become a Team Beachbody Coach.

Becoming a Coach

When Darren does something, he goes ALL IN. And coaching was no exception. As such, Darren threw himself into the deep end of the pool, drowning himself in knowledge and implementing everything he learned.

Darren figured the best way to help others was to be proof of the products, so he used the fitness and nutrition tools available to him to demonstrate exactly what was possible by following a simple plan.

By focusing on nutrition along with his INSANITY workouts, Darren’s results had surpassed his wildest expectations; but more than anything, his confidence and enthusiasm soared.

Darren decided to finally join the Myspace replacement everyone was talking about and shared his INSANITY results on Facebook. Quickly, old friends came out of the woodwork, and people began to reach out about his transformation. One of these people happened to be the creator of INSANITY, Shaun T, who recommended that Darren submit his results to Beachbody. So he did.

Meeting the man who changed his life

At the time, INSANITY was a relatively new program and there weren’t many testimonials, so Darren was invited to join a small group of insane graduates to work out live in person with Shaun T at the 2010 Team Beachbody Coach Summit in Los Angeles, CA.

Darren remembers that morning like it was yesterday: He arrived early and waited in line to enter a small conference room beneath the hotel. After joining forces with seven other Coaches sporting their gray INSANITY “I EARNED IT!” shirts, the group was escorted to the front of the room for the workout.

A couple hundred people crammed their way in behind them just in time for Shaun T to take the stage. It was a surreal experience for Darren, seeing the man responsible for motivating him day in and day out all those months. But before he could give it too much thought, Darren’s attention pivoted to the opening song Shaun played to start his workout.

Damn, this dude knows his music!

The next hour flew by with a smile plastered on Darren’s face. He loved every grueling minute of the sweat fest that ensued, but more than anything, he loved that his 62 year-old father was in the back of the room digging deep right along with him.

After the workout, Shaun T autographed Darren’s shirt and paused for a photo before the rest of the Summit madness ensued. Little did they know that the future had more permanent plans for these two.

Ain’t no party like a Beachbody party

Coach Summit 2010 proved to be a defining moment in Darren’s life. Because he’d advanced in rank so quickly in his business after signing up as a Coach, Darren was asked to speak on stage to share his story and message with the 1,000 attendees.

Compared to the tens of thousands of Coaches that now attend Coach Summit every year, Darren’s official introduction to Team Beachbody’s annual event was a rather intimate experience. He met other Super Trainers like Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, mingled with fascinating people from all around the country, and connected with inspiring Coaches he still calls friends to this day.

Finding his brother from another mother

Upon returning home, Darren’s fire for Beachbody burned brighter than ever. But it was his enthusiasm for Shaun’s Summit workout music that led to another conversation between the two on Facebook, which led to a conversation on the phone, which led to Shaun flying out from New York to Darren’s home in Vegas to create their first legendary workout mix together.

From the second Darren picked up Shaun at the airport, it was as if the two had found within each other a long lost brother, and they embarked on an inseparable friendship that would define their lives in nearly every way.

From DJ to Coach

Because Darren’s father had been bitten by the INSANITY bug, Beachbody dedicated a new segment to their father-son story in the INSANITY infomercial. After that, Darren found himself with Shaun working out on the set of QVC.

Everywhere he went, Darren shared his passion for INSANITY and Beachbody. He’d spend hours upon hours talking to people at the grocery store, and chatting others up on the street. Day in and day out, Darren did exactly what he’d shared with everyone at Summit: he said hi to people.

Very quickly, Darren’s team began to grow, and his Coaches begin to build their own teams. Together, they lifted each other up, advanced in rank, and earned their way to more of Beachbody’s epic events. Before he knew it, Darren had transitioned from full-time DJ to full-time Coach.

A journey into THE ASYLUM

Over the summer of 2010, Darren was cast in his very first fitness program, INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 1 (yes, that little guy in the videos his wife affectionately calls “baby Darren”). But it was later in November 2011, after being cast in the new INSANITY infomercial, that the trajectory of Darren’s life would change in ways he couldn’t imagine.

Of course, Darren didn’t realize it at the time, but as he stood shirtless on the set of the very program that had transformed his life, it was a beautifully fit woman standing next to him that would completely redefine his future—a fellow “INSANIAC” named Danielle.

From fitness to federal agent

Though he’d kept it a secret from all but his family and Shaun, during this time Darren had been chasing another dream of becoming a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). But as an already extensive process grew longer and longer due to federal hiring freezes, Darren was unsure whether or not he’d ever get his shot.

Not being one to sit idly by waiting for something to happen, Darren had already taken action on another dream before he risked aging out of qualification: becoming a Navy SEAL.

After months of screening, testing, and training as a civilian in the Navy’s Delayed Entry Program, Darren had secured a SEAL contract, giving him a ship date to attend boot camp, after which he’d be afforded the chance to attend Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S).

However, as fate would have it, Darren’s path changed unexpectedly when months before shipping out to boot camp, he received an official invite to attend the DEA’s Basic Agent Training Program in Quantico, VA.

Beyond the badge

Life as a Special Agent quickly became a highlight of Darren’s professional career, affording him the opportunity to work alongside some of the nation’s most distinguished and honorable men and women—or as Darren would say it, some of the most badass people he’d ever known.

Though Darren believed he’d be fulfilling his role as an agent until he retired, all that changed one fateful day when Shaun called him up with an offer he couldn’t refuse. After great deliberation, Darren made the decision that would ultimately be the turning point leading him to the life he has today: he accepted the position of Director of Technology and Brand Development with Shaun T, Inc.

An insane new journey

Darren soon found himself at Beachbody headquarters in Santa Monica, CA to film the debut round of INSANITY LIVE. Again, the Universe placed him next to a familiar face on set—Danielle—and the two began their professional partnership adapting INSANITY to the group exercise environment to be taught by instructors worldwide.

Serving as Head Master Trainer for Beachbody’s new format, Darren would go on to certify numerous instructors across the globe, while developing and filming all the content for INSANITY LIVE, and contributing to various other Beachbody LIVE formats.

Additionally, Darren immersed himself in the expansion of Shaun’s platform, developing, designing, writing, and producing an array of products and content to help people across the world lead healthier lives.

From stage, he served as the public facing emcee at Shaun T Live events, traveling throughout the country and overseas. Behind the scenes, he assisted Shaun and his team with the development of a new total-body conditioning program for Beachbody. After rigorous testing through sweat, effort, and more sweat, Darren was cast in the company’s next big release, INSANITY MAX:30.

From infomercial to altar

Over time, working closely with Danielle blossomed into a beautiful friendship, and in the years that followed the two’s names became synonymous with one other.

Finally, in the fall of 2014, Darren celebrated his engagement to Danielle, and the following year, the two commemorated their love through a private ceremony symbolic of their journey from infomercial to altar; a marriage ordained by the only person qualified to help write this historic chapter in their INSANITY love story—Shaun T.

Securing Team Fit and Funky

After marrying Danielle, Darren resigned from his Coaching business and waited the requisite six months to start fresh with his wife and Team Fit and Funky. Soon after, he stepped away from his roll with Shaun T, Inc. to focus his efforts full time on building their Fit and Funky business.

Soon after, disaster struck for another Beachbody Super Trainer when Chalene Johnson became the unfortunate victim of a group of hackers. Immediately, Darren stepped in to lend his law enforcement experience and cyber security expertise, helping Chalene recover from the crippling online attack.

Realizing the lack of awareness surrounding the security vulnerabilities people face on the internet, Chalene and Darren launched a campaign to teach people how to protect themselves online. Quickly, Darren became a prominent security advocate speaking to audiences from stages, on podcasts, and through social media, while assisting numerous high profile public figures and influencers in recovering from devastating hacks.

In 2016, Team Fit and Funky celebrated a historic victory as Danielle became a Superstar Diamond Coach, the highest rank a Team Beachbody Coach can achieve. To celebrate their success and honor “going the distance” together, Darren, Danielle, and their leaders traveled to Philadelphia, PA to run the infamous Rocky Steps and cross their extraordinary finish line with each other.

Later that year, at Team Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Nashville, TN, Darren watched with pride in his eyes when Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, announced Danielle’s name from stage as the surprise recipient of the prestigious CEO award, an honor recognizing one Coach each year who most embodies Team Beachbody’s mission of helping people achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Continuing the momentum into 2018, Team Fit and Funky accomplished a feat that only six other people had ever achieved, making Danielle the seventh Coach in the network to attain the rank of Superstar Diamond II. In honor of their triumph, Darren, Danielle, and their inspiring leaders ventured to New York City to see WICKED on Broadway and celebrate “defying gravity” as a team.

By 2019, Team Fit and Funky staked a monumental claim in the network with a total of three Coaches finishing the year in the Top 10: Danielle Natoni in 10th place, Emily Fauver in third, and Ashlie Molstad as Top Coach. Over the summer, Beachbody pulled out all the stops to celebrate the Top 10 with an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime to Greece.

A Fit and Funky future

Though Team Beachbody has grown in products, programs, and numbers over the years, Darren’s original message still holds true to this day: just say hi to people.

Darren believes that people tend to overcomplicate this business, trying to “sell” people on a program or a product while forgetting that success is as simple as being an example of what’s possible, and then sharing your genuine enthusiasm with the world.

And if there is anyone who sets the example for what Team Beachbody can do, it’s Darren Natoni, an out-of-shape dude who went from watching an infomercial, to being featured in it; who went from being trained to being the trainer; who more than anything serves as living proof that creating a healthy future of your design extends far beyond the physical—it might just land you at the altar marrying one best friend while being married by the other.

Now, after nearly a decade of pursuing every opportunity afforded by Beachbody, Darren is more excited than ever to find and mentor Team Fit and Funky’s next generation of leaders who are ready to lace up their shoes and race toward their dreams. And maybe, just maybe, he can help a few other guys feel the same sense of pride that he feels when he looks at his strong and powerful wife.

Disclaimer: Team Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. In other words, if you want a badass business you have to build it. Fortunately, you have a badass team here to help! 😘

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Darren Natoni (left, wearing a black tank top revealing sacred geometry tattoo sleeves) standing next to wife, Danielle Natoni (right, wearing a black crop sweatshirt and tights with slits in the thighs), each leaning against a concrete wall and smiling with one foot resting up on the wall
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