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Danielle Natoni

Boss babe. Sweatshirt lover. Falls down a lot.

Danielle Natoni is the founder of Team Fit and Funky, a health and wellness community dedicated to developing female entrepreneurs and providing fitness and nutrition support. A passionate wife and mother, Danielle is committed to finding and mentoring women who are ready to lace up their shoes and race toward their dreams.

Danielle Natoni is the founder of Team Fit and Funky, a health and wellness community dedicated to developing female entrepreneurs and providing fitness and nutrition support. A passionate wife and mother, Danielle is committed to finding and mentoring women who are ready to lace up their shoes and race toward their dreams.

Danielle Natoni smiling against a concrete wall wearing hot pink lipstick and a black sweatshirt
Danielle Natoni smiling in hot pink lipstick, wearing black tight shorts and a white fitness jacket with the words Super Star II Coach
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⭐️ Super Star Diamond II Coach

🏆 Top 10 Coach (2x)

💎 Elite Coach (10x)

🏅 CEO Award Recipient

📝 Coach Advisory Board (2019-2020)

💸 Legacy Club Member

🎉 Success Club All Star Legend

💁🏼 INSANITY LIVE Format Expert & Program Director

🏋🏼 Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer

💃 Let's Get Up (Cast)

💪🏼 INSANITY MAX:30 (Modifier)

🏃🏻‍♀️ INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 2 (Cast)


From lone underdog to team of champions, Danielle Natoni climbed her way out of overwhelming debt and adversity to become the financially free and liberated leader of Team Fit and Funky, a health and fitness community dedicated to developing and mentoring female entrepreneurs.

A Hard Start

After accumulating a mountain of debt before dropping out of college, Danielle received an unexpected introduction to motherhood early in life. Without the means to support her baby girl, she defied the odds stacked against her by waiting tables and putting herself back through school.

Upon graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in elementary education, Danielle quickly realized that her passion for teaching wasn’t accompanied by a salary reflective of the enthusiasm which she brought to the classroom.

Soon, she found herself teaching elementary school in Texas, struggling to provide for a family of four on a teacher’s salary of one. With two young mouths to feed, her debt continued to pile up.

Day and night, Danielle’s past haunted her. With numerous payday loans and maxed out credit cards looming over her head, creditors and debt collectors bombarded her at home and work.

Knowing she had to find a second stream of income, Danielle debated what to do. She considered going back to waiting tables and tending bar, but she was reluctant to teach her students during the day and then wait on their parents at night.

In considering other options, fitness rose to the top of her list. A dancer in her youth, Danielle always loved working out. Naturally, she was curious if it would be possible to earn the extra money she needed by doing something she loved.

Not knowing that fitness instructors are similar to school teachers in that they teach for the love of teaching and not the money, Danielle used her tax refund and decided to get certified to instruct at a gym.

Discovering Beachbody

At her first fitness certification in the spring of 2010, a cute Master Trainer with big, blonde Texas hair introduced Danielle to Team Beachbody. With her reassuring Southern drawl, she said something to Danielle that would forever change the course of her life:

“I think you would crush it!”

Having never heard about Beachbody or any of its programs and products, Danielle didn’t understand exactly what “it” was she was supposed to crush. But she believed in her potential to do it nonetheless. Something about the conviction in this woman’s voice armed Danielle with the confidence to say yes, and without knowing anything beyond that, Danielle signed up to be a Team Beachbody Coach.

Elated to have finally discovered the solution to her family’s financial problems, Danielle rushed home to share the exciting news. But after confronting the reality of insufficient funds in her bank account, Danielle did the only logical thing she could: she quit.

Fortunately, fate stepped in, and in the weeks that followed, an intriguing pattern began to arise: people all around her started to talk about Beachbody. Everywhere she went, friends and coworkers expressed curiosity about the programs and products from which she’d walked away.

“Wait!” she’d say. “I’m not a coach—but I was—and I think I might be again . . .”

Without any more of a clue as to what Coaching entailed, Danielle reached back out to the sweet Southern woman, and on April 15, 2010, signed up to be a Team Beachbody Coach for the second and last time—a date she vividly recalls since it was once a month on that day when she got paid, and by the next day all her money was gone.

Growing a Business

Almost overnight, Danielle’s life turned around, and coaching extinguished her firestorm of debt—would be what you’d expect to hear. But it didn’t happen like that. Not even close.

As it turned out, the very thing that Danielle thought would be the saving grace for her family ended up costing her more than she was making. Something had to change.

And so it did.

Danielle quickly realized that she’d been going about her business all wrong. She thought that because she was cute, and fit, and people generally liked her, she could sell instead of share. But since she had no connection or experience using the programs and products she was trying to push, she had nothing relatable to contribute.

The Breakthrough

In November 2010, Danielle found herself sitting in the audience of a training event listening to local Coaches share their success from stage. She heard story after story from people who were enjoying success she wasn’t, achieving ranks she hadn’t, and paying for their family’s bills in all the ways she couldn’t.

In that moment, Danielle asked herself a pivotal question:


Then, without a second thought, she turned to a stranger behind her and committed to walk a different path:

“Mark my words, two weeks from today, I’ll be a Diamond Coach. And this will be the last event where nobody knows who I am.”

Danielle wasn’t kidding. Two weeks later, she’d reached her stated rank. And indeed, there would never be another event where the Beachbody community wouldn’t know who she was.

In that one decisive moment, Danielle flipped a switch in her mind that she wanted to be recognized for her efforts, instead of being unrecognized for her lack thereof.

Tasting Success

Danielle chose to do her first Beachbody program, INSANITY, and completed it all the way through. She started drinking Shakeology and experiencing firsthand what it could do. The more she shared, the less she had to “sell,” and before she knew it, her business grew.

In November 2011, Danielle found herself on the set of the INSANITY infomercial standing next to two people who would define her life in ways she didn’t yet understand: INSANITY creator, Shaun T, and fellow Coach Darren Natoni.

By 2012, Danielle resigned from teaching math to fifth graders and started coaching full time. Just over a year after deciding to go all in, she’d not only matched her teacher’s salary, but surpassed it, allowing her to focus on her dream of pursuing fitness full time.*

Hitting Her Stride

No longer suffocated by the stress of her past, Danielle began to breathe life into her future.

In 2012, she finished the year as the fifth-ranked Coach in Team Beachbody, seating Team Fit and Funky as a Top 10 team for the first time. In honor of her achievement, Beachbody flew Danielle and the rest of the Top 10 to Argentina and Uruguay on an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime. From the flights, to the hotels, to the activities, and treatment, Beachbody rolled out a red carpet for a first-class experience unlike anything she’d ever known.

Later that year, Danielle found herself on another set with Shaun T, having been cast in her very first fitness program, INSANITY: The Asylum Vol. 2.

Stepping Into New Shoes

In late 2012, Danielle headed to Beachbody headquarters in Santa Monica, CA to film the debut round of INSANITY LIVE. Assuming the roles of Format Expert and Program Director for the brand, Danielle began her career adapting INSANITY to the group exercise environment to be taught by instructors worldwide.

Additionally, as a Master Trainer for Beachbody LIVE, Danielle would go on to certify countless instructors across the globe, while developing and filming all content for INSANITY LIVE, and contributing to various other Beachbody LIVE formats, including Country Heat, CIZE, and P90X LIVE.

In early 2013, Danielle accepted a position as Shaun T’s Creative Director, assisting with the expansion of his platform and developing a new total-body conditioning program for Beachbody. After rigorous testing through sweat, effort, and more sweat, Danielle was cast as the modifier in that program, INSANITY MAX:30.

The Rise of “Danielle Natoni” and Team Fit and Funky

Danielle’s business and income continued to soar, and in 2014 she was inducted into Team Beachbody’s Million Club, honoring Coaches who have cumulatively earned one million dollars in their business.

Still, the best was yet to come for Danielle when in the fall of 2014 she celebrated her engagement to Darren Natoni. Soon after, the two commemorated their love through a special ceremony symbolic of their journey from infomercial to altar; a marriage ordained by the only person qualified to help write this historic chapter in their INSANITY love story: Shaun T.

In 2015, Danielle watched with pride as her coach Lori Stuart finished the year in the Top 10. From a timid mom who wanted nothing to do with the business, to finishing the year in third place amidst hundreds of thousands of Coaches, Team Fit and Funky rallied behind their girl.

In 2016, the team celebrated another historic victory as Danielle became a Superstar Diamond Coach, the highest rank a Team Beachbody Coach can achieve. To celebrate their success and honor “going the distance” together, Danielle and her leaders traveled to Philadelphia, PA to run the infamous Rocky Steps and cross their extraordinary finish line with each other.

Later that year, at Team Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Nashville, TN, Danielle was moved to tears when Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, announced her name from stage as the surprise recipient of the prestigious CEO award, an honor recognizing one Coach each year who most embodies Team Beachbody’s mission of helping people achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

After a strong 2017, Danielle and her team surged into 2018 with Fit and Funky’s Ashlie Molstad ranking as the number two Coach in Team Beachbody.

Continuing their momentum into the new year, the team accomplished something that only six other people had ever achieved, making Danielle the seventh Coach in the network to attain the rank of Superstar Diamond II. In honor of their triumph, Danielle and her inspiring leaders ventured to New York City to see WICKED on Broadway and celebrate “defying gravity” as a team.

In 2019, Team Fit and Funky staked their claim in the network with a total of three Coaches finishing the year in the Top 10: Danielle Natoni in 10th place, Emily Fauver in third, and Ashlie Molstad as Top Coach. Beachbody again pulled out all the stops to celebrate the Top 10 with an all-expenses-paid trip to Greece.

2019 also delivered another high point of Danielle’s Coaching career, as she was selected to join Team Beachbody’s Coach Advisory Board (CAB), through which she’ll help shape and guide the direction of the network in 2019 and 2020.

A Fit and Funky Future

Danielle’s success today is something she could have only dreamed about as a teacher. Through Team Beachbody, she’s had the opportunity to travel the world, provide for her family, and inspire change.

Becoming a Coach didn’t just rescue her from the darkness of her past, it gave Danielle the tools to create a bright and fulfilling future dedicated to helping women like her turn their struggle into shine.

When asked about her secret to success, Danielle’s answer is simple: CONSISTENCY. She wakes up, she fuels her brain, she works on her body, and she drinks a shake before talking to people both in person and online—exactly what she teaches her team to do.

Ironically, Danielle’s passion for education is the one part of her life that hasn’t changed. From fractions to fitness, she’s still a teacher; her audience is just different. Whereas once Danielle had the privilege of shaping adolescent minds, today she serves as a catalyst for change, helping women shed their insecurities and discover powerful purpose in their lives.

While Danielle’s time in the classroom will always hold a special place in her heart, it’s working alongside the empowering women of Team Fit and Funky that she regards as the honor of her life.

Now, as a seven-time Elite Coach, Danielle is more excited than ever to find and mentor her next generation of leaders ready to lace up their shoes and race toward their dreams.

Disclaimer: Team Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. In other words, if you want a badass business you have to build it. Fortunately, you have a badass team here to help! 😘

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